Wishful Fiction

Wishful Fiction: The act of writing something with the hope of seeing that thing become a reality. It is an activity that stands at the intersection between Vision Boards, Brainstorming, To-Do Listing and either Utopian or Dystopian fiction (depending on the author’s tendency to dwell on best or worst case scenarios). Of course, the wishful part suggests that the fiction focuses on only those things the author wants to see happen. But, fiction is about conflict, and brainstorming is about identifying potential scenarios (both good and bad); so, there will always be representations of potential conflicts within wishful fiction. In other words, bad-conflict may not, necessarily, be an expression of the author’s desire; merely a possible outcome within a given scenario.

Characters: Completely fictitious and listed HERE. Any similarity to people in the real world is either coincidence or a sign. If you see yourself in the blog…and like that fact…make some comments or send an email. We might have something in common.

Authors: Other wishful fiction blogs are encouraged to post their links to this page. I would love to see your vision of the future.

3 thoughts on “Wishful Fiction

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  2. Hi, As an Actualizing Coach and Spiritual Advisor, this blog truly touched my heart at a deeper level,compelling me to comment to it. As, I do feel it may help to shed a little more light on the dream you desire to manifest into reality. I would like to suggest that, when writing wishful fiction that you simply switch the word hope out, with the brave word, “belief.” The word hope keeps you stuck in the stagnant stage of still hoping and wanting. Whereas the word,” belief,” says; I already have it. I have asked for it, it’s mine and so it’s mine and on it’s way to me, even now ! A wish, is basicly, like placing a catalog order with the universe. We only have to place the order 1 time, then we sit back, never doubting for a second, that your request will not be fulfilled ! You can already envision, how very beautiful those new shoes will look with that new dress, that you plan to wear them with. You are so caught up with the, “emotions,” that you glance down at your feet, realizing how terrific they look. Already, you feel a surge of pride and smile, as you hear the compliments and exclamations from girlfriends. Oh, wow ! Where did you get those at ?

    You engage the following (3) actions…to manifest, what you desire…
    (1) Wish/ Ask/ Pray/ Place your order, etc… writing it down helps to confirm that ! For instance: Know that you successfully placed your order, do not allow doubt, by placing your order again !
    (2) Have the unwavering BELIEF, that it’s- on it’s way ! For instance: From time to time, as you would with anything you’re expecting, read over your order, delightfully confirming, it’s in route and will arriving, continue confirming this by being patient and maybe saying, it’s may be a little late, but I do know, that it is mine- by Divine right, so I will receive it !
    (3) Allow yourself to bask in the delicious emotions by engaging them. See what you’ve asked for, think about and even act out, how very excited and thrilled you feel, as you gaze upon your request ! For instance: if you’ve asked for a bottle of $8,000.00 an oz. perfume, actually allow yourself a blissful whiff or two of it, as it tantalizes- your senses and even tickles your nose. You soon feel like a child wild with the delight of what is to come !
    Woven Into the ONEness, CC


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