PB and J on the Swings

Lunch at the Wild Raccoon school was a lot like lunch at home. One of the adults came to cook the meal in the community building, where classes were held. The older kids helped. The meals were good, but never fancy. Today there were sandwiches and green beans.

Georgia took her peanut butter and jelly sandwich and slipped out the door to sit on the swings while she ate. From the small playground, the world looked huge.With only her lunch for company, the world felt even bigger than it looked.

The community building was built along the edge of the farm, on top of a hill high enough to provide a perfect view of every house. The apple orchard was on the opposite side of the farm and, from here, looked like nothing more than a bunch trees.

Georgia munched on her sandwich, closed her eyes and listened to every living creature making any kind of noise – including the boys playing fart-sound games inside the school room.

She liked it here. She would never admit to that, verbally or otherwise, to any member of her family. But, the truth was, she liked it – she just didn’t know why.

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