Summer School

Wild Raccoon school wasn’t like other schools. Georgia had been to more schools than anyone she knew, and this one was nothing like any of the others.

For starters, school was open all year. No summer vacation – at all! Some of the kids were looking forward to taking vacations, going to summer camps and visiting family. But no one was supposed to be gone more than two weeks. Except Riley. She was going to be gone for a whole month! Her little brother Ryan would be gone too, but he was in the blue room, so Georgia didn’t notice as much.

There weren’t enough kids on the farm to split everyone into regular classes, so they mushed a whole bunch of grades together. The young kids were in the blue room. The middle kids, like Riley and Georgia were in the green room. Teenagers were in the red room.

Most of the time, Georgia was trying to understand things that were either at or above her grade level. Sometimes, when the class was covering stuff she already knew, she got bored.

Like right now.

The sun was to bright. The windows were open and a light breeze came into the room, filled with the smells of early summer. If wishing could make magic happen, then Georgia wished to be outside.

“It’s time to turn in your assignments.” Miss Becca announced.

Georgia reached inside her desk and pulled out the report on dandelions. Frowning, she stared at the report for a few moments before looking back out the window.

“Georgia,” said Miss Becca, “your report?”

“This one is on Dandelions,” Georgia said, dropping the report on the pile. “But I’ve decided I don’t like it.”

Miss Becca paused. “Oh?” She responded.

Georgia had a feeling her teacher didn’t really want to ask that question. Reaching into the backpack on the back of her chair, Georgia pulled out a second report. “I like cattails better,” she said, dropping the report on the pile.

Miss Becca’s eyes narrowed and a small smile grew on her face. “I will look them both over,” she conceded. “If both are appropriate, then the choice is up to you.”

Frowning while pressing her lips together, Georgia nodded. It was hard to stay silent when her teacher guessed a trick. It was just a small trick, but it could have gotten her some time outside.

“Get ready to go outside!” Miss Becca announced, while dripping the reports on her desk. “We’ve got plants to collect!”

Alone. Outside without the rest of her class.

“You were trying to run away again, weren’t you?” Riley whispered.

“I don’t run away,” Georgia hissed in response. “I go exploring.”

“Same thing,” Riley teased.

Georgia liked Riley – most of the time.

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