Mint Tea and Wildflowers

The corn field was covered in short stalks. Each one seemed to be stretching it’s way to the sun, until the wind blue and send them into an awkward waving, flapping dance. Sweet corn might be an extremely popular crop, and a necessary food item both on and off the farm, but it’s a plant designed for utility, not beauty.

Bobbi carefully sipped her tea, discovered the temperature had dropped below lip-burning and enjoyed a small gulp. Freshly picked mint sweetened with sugar made from last year’s sugar-beets. It was strong and it was better than every single cup of winter-weather tea combined. Fresh picked, aromatic, simple pleasure in a ceramic cup.

The wind tossed the corn about, stronger than before, and Bobbi looked to the sky for signs of a storm. Clouds were moving in and the sun was going down, making the clouds a fast moving grey, reflecting the fiery orange of the sunset. If a storm was on the way, chances were good it would hold off for another hour or so.

The corn calmed down and Bobbi returned to contemplating it’s utilitarian attractiveness. Nothing fancy, flattering or unnecessary about corn. Just a study stalk, topped with loads of seeds, protected by a handful of leaves. It was the plant world’s example of extreme simplicity.

Corn flowers, on the other hand, were examples of sheer beauty, Bright blue flowers growing amidst the straight-stalked corn. They were stunningly beautiful and Bobbi truly wished a patch of them were growing right here, in front of the corn field, where she would sit and stare at a patch of stunningly beautiful flowers while drinking ultra-fresh mint tea.

She mentioned this desire at a community meeting, just as the winter showed signs of truly leaving them along for a few months. Some people laughed and others tried to sound supportive, but everyone was in agreement on one thing – if you want flowers, you have to plant and care for them yourself.

Bobbi did want flowers, but she had to many trees to care for, chores to complete, writing projects to finish…the list was depressingly long. Flowers simply were not a priority.

Luckily, Mother Nature did not entirely agree. The apple trees were in full bloom and Bobbi spent the day simply immersed in the beauty of falling petals mixed with the lovely, soft, delicious scent of apple flowers. On the way home, she found several early-blooming wildflowers, all of them joyously healthy and, therefore, stunning.

Closing her eyes, Bobbi tried to imagine what mother nature would look like, were she a human woman, and then imagined asking for corn flowers – if it weren’t to much trouble. It was neither a proper prayer nor a magic spell, but it made Bobbi smile. After all, since nature was currently inclined towards the loveliness of petal-bearing plants, making a request couldn’t hurt.

Drinking deeply from her now-perfect temperature tea, Bobbi returned to gazing at the corn. It was a perfect ending to an above-average day.

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