Spring Chill

Comfortably warm weather is not normal. The cold is right, it’s good for the farm and everything on it. Including me. It wasn’t exactly a properly meditation or mantra…or whatever…but it was the best thing Bobbi could come up with under the circumstances.

She loved the warm weather. Winter in the upper Midwest could be harsh. Brutal. Disturbingly dangerous. The fact that none of those terms even bordered on overly dramatic made Bobbi wonder why she chose to live in a region so inherently unsuited to a sun-worshiping creature such as herself.

The reasons for making a life at the Wild Raccoon were innumerable. Identifying a list was easy – when she was warm. At this moment, she was not warm. The luxuriously gentle warmth of an early spring had been some sort of cruel trick. The winter had returned and her fingers were aching with cold.

Completing the morning chores without complaining was difficult. Thinking about the previous two weeks of doing the exact same chores with cozy warm hands and a loose jacket over a t-shirt made the current moment unbearable.

Brown Bess, the old workhorse someone rescued from a nearby farm, dropped her warm, soft nose onto Bobbi’s should and snorted her impatience. When the stall was clean, Bess got a treat. The cold was slowing Bobbi down and Bess was very much aware of this fact.

Chuckling, Bobbi sarcastically suggested that Bess either help with the cleaning or convince the sun to get back to work. Bess snorted her response, pawing the ground for effect. According to the clock, it was a full five minutes past the usual treat time.

Sighing loudly, Bobbi finished her task and dug out the apple tucked away in a backpack hung on a far wall. Satisfied, Bess, returned to watching Bobbi work with the kind of dull interest unique to horses.

Looking around, Bobbi made a mental note of the chores remaining to be completed. Hot or cold, the work had to be done.

“Embrace the elements. Welcome the cold. Gloriously indulge in everything mother nature hands you.” She muttered to herself. It was Rick’s favorite saying, during particularly extreme weather. He was the only person Bobbi had ever meant who actually enjoyed extreme everything, cold included. “Embrace the elements…indulge in everything…” she repeated to herself. It helped. Not much, but a little. Sometimes, a little was all it took.

Back to work.

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